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Hair extensions for men and women are a great way to give you that extra volume, length and density (and oomph of course!) to your existing hair. But you may have heard too many stories to trust the procedure. Here’s the secret – hair extensions when done right, can give you beautiful hair without causing any damage.

Hair extensions are temporary attachments (about 50 strands of your hair) that are conjoined with your existing hair with the help of clips or glue, to the base of your scalp. By this method, they last only for a few months and need to be redone. A set of clip-in extensions averages 8 strips of human hair in varying widths from 2-8 inches.

One can also use wefts wherein the weft extensions are sewn to your own hair by making tiny braids. These braids are well hidden under your hairline that no one can tell! This technique is known as tracking. The hair is sewn horizontally across the head from one side to the other, and the size of weft and track is tailor-made to match exactly your hair-type. This way it looks as natural as possible!

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