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Are you asking about hair transplant or a patch? the most important points for hair transplant are – the type, the pattern and the stage of hairloss in your case! in male pattern hair loss of initial stages of 1-2, homoeopathic medicines can arrest the stage where it is already in. But in advanced stages of hair loss of 3, 4, 5 – one can have homoeopathic medicines (3 & 4 stage) along with hair transplant. Hair transplant is a procedure where your own hair follicle from the back side of the scalp (donor area) is taken out from the root and is placed or planted on your required area or the affected area (as due to dna reasons, we can’t donate hair follicle to each other, not even to our own kids/ siblings/ parents/ relatives). And in the whole lifetime, we can only take to around 12000 to 14000 follicles from the back (depending on the condition of the donor area) – it’s one day procedure. Go to any renowned hospital, clinic or firm which deals only in hair (they may cost little more from you, but will give you a quality results ultimately. There is no such thing as permanent hair pasting. There is hair patch which require around an hour to fix secondly there is hair transplant which needs a 1-3 days depending on your bald area.

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