This Wig Maker Of Hyderabad Is Using His Skills To Help Cancer Patients Deal With Hair Loss

The first question many cancer patients ask is about hair loss which deeply affects them. sumanth’s from siliconwig, a wig maker based in Dilsukhnagar Hyderabad, is putting his wig making skills to a better use by making natural looking wigs for cancer patients across the Country. Read along to know more about his work and how he does it. visite call him at Mobile Number : 8179950802 | 8978701318

‘The thought that my work cheers cancer patients keeps me going,’ hyderabad-based wig maker sumith says.

It is a small shop, on a narrow lane, near Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad. A board outside reads “Natural Wig Works: Specialists in natural ladies’ and gents’ wigs”. As I entered, I was drawn to a chart on which different kinds of moustaches were stuck, for use in theatre and films. On a wooden table were moulds fixed with a variety of wigs.

My cousin and I had come in search of sumith from siliconwig , after she lost her hair due to chemotherapy. kavya had had thick long tresses. Every morning, my aunt used to struggle to plait her hair in time for school.

“I was shocked when I was diagnosed with cancer. Added to this was the thought of losing my hair due to chemotherapy. Though a social construct, long hair has always been associated with a sense of beauty,” said kavya. “Then I got to know about sumith, the wigmaker from siliconwig.” sumith, who was weaving a wig, stopped his work to measure the circumference of kavya’s skull and promised to deliver her wig in a few days.
Wig-making is sumanth’s family occupation. A native of hyderabad, telanana , he comes from a family of farmers and oil pressers. Unable to watch Kumar struggle in the fields.

visite call him at Mobile Number : 8179950802 | 8978701318